Mercury Metals will create a work flow to be done in a timely manner, and in a workman like condition. We will provide all the labor, hand tools and equipment to complete the above mention building. Our price is based on the owner or owner's representative supplying the following conditions. A flat compacted slab area clear of obstructions and a flat mud free working area with a minimum of 8 ft. around the edge of the slab. If these conditions are not met, further cost may incur. The staging area must be within a maximum of 150 ft. from the building slab. Our price is based on all the building materials being delivered in a timely. manner. Any delayed in erection due to the delivery of materials in a timely manner, not at fault of Mercury Metals or the Sub-Contract will result in additional costs. In order for us to give you an accurate quote for your foundation, we need an engineered foundation plan. If you do not have an engineer to do that we can furnish one at additional cost.

Our Vision

Mercury Metals strives to be the industry's first choice for quality and innovative building products and services by exceeding our customer's expectations, and delivering the highest possible level of service.